Don’t Fear the Big Apartment Deal, Hard Money Lenders Don’t

Real estate investments are very lucrative and offer a variety of other benefits such asĀ fast loans singapore tax deductibles and asset appreciation. However, it is beyond the financial means of most real estate investors to pay the cost of their property up front. Such investors have to obtain a home loan from private lenders or financial institutions to bear the cost of their new home.

It is very common for real estate investors to procure finance in a range of eighty to hundred percent of the property value. The homeowner is required to make monthly payments to the financial company for an agreed period.

Private moneylenders or ‘hard’ moneylenders are generally third party lenders that provide the necessary funds to buy or renovate your home. In exchange, the homeowner agrees to pay a certain percentage of the profits earned after selling a property after renovation. This form of lending is mutually beneficial to both parties. It guarantees lenders better returns for their money, as the rate of interest is quite high.

The loans, often short-term loans, are especially beneficial to real estate investors who have a financial need for a very short while or who have been turned down by other financial institutions due to poor credit score. Another advantage of obtaining loans from private moneylenders is that they offer fast loans unlike many other financial companies and banks that offer loans after following a long internal procedure for loan sanctions. As a result, investors are drawn to such lenders owing to the flexibility and convenience offered by private moneylenders.

Typically, private moneylenders are most eager to work with people who have a promising venture. If a venture is good enough, they are willing to overlook their credit records. This form of financing can prove to be extremely expensive as such loans attract very high interest rates as compared to other banking and financial institutions. Another difficulty is that such lenders are quite hard to locate as compared to other traditional lenders.

People, who have surplus liquid cash and are on the lookout for ways to multiply this amount in a short period of time, become private moneylenders to provide funds to borrowers who are in need of quick cash.

However, it should be noted that all private moneylenders differ in their dealings and the amount of funds provided and the repayment terms may greatly differ. They may charge an interest in the range of 12% to 18% and have a well-drafted loan agreement to secure their investment. They may finance 50% to 75% of the home value post renovation for a period ranging from six months to five years.

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