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How to Have the Best Christmas Ever

During the holiday season time can be elusive but it is one of the best Christmas gifts of all. Quality time that is meaningful and enjoyable to both the parent and child is priceless.

Christmas Blogging
Create a new family tradition of blogging. It provides the opportunity to keep in touch with family that is far away and spend time connecting with children. Write about family events/activities, family news, humor, and recipes or create a story. Family bonding will flourish by having an interactive family communication center where everyone can see and comment on others remarks. Photos can be organized easily and seen without downloading, printed or saved. A Blog takes almost no time to set up and is one of theĀ traditions that can continue throughout the year.

Christmas Baking
Everyone can help make a festive gingerbread house, chocolate chip cookies or homemade chocolate candy. Visit the neighbors and bring them some of the cookies you made as a family. Enjoy baking but just don’t have the time? Use frozen cookie dough rather than baking your own from scratch.

The Simple Gaming Tradition
Be a kid again and enjoy playing games with your children. Games and puzzles are great ways to bond with your child. Uninterrupted time with your children, without any outside noise such as a TV is very valuable. Playing together is a good way to get to know your child. Emphasize playing just for the fun of it, and be a good sport because children model what they see.

Christmas Scrap Booking
Capture Christmas memories and keepsakes by taking lots of pictures for scrap booking. Scrap booking is another activity that can bring the family together in a memorable way. Your child can choose the theme, for example, What I Enjoy Most About Christmas or Christmas Is____. In addition to photos, include journal entries, luggage tags, quotes and jokes, invitations, letters and cards.

Your child may enjoy creating the scrapbook throughout the holiday season, or collecting everything first and assembling later. Scrap booking is a wonderful way to help you connect with your child over shared experiences.

While Christmas Traditions require you to do things together, other ideas just let you be together. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday make the most of waiting time and daily routines. For example, if your child enjoys singing, sing songs in the car when you are running errands. Instead of being frustrated by traffic, this is also the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with your child. While waiting at the car repair shop, read a book together. Take advantage of waiting time and routine activities by interacting with your child in fun and creative ways.

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